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Chris (aka Silver Shadow) draws inspiration from the greatest artists across the ages. His style has been described by Curators as “An authentic modernisation of the classic art nude genre”. Sophisticated images enveloping femininity and masculinity and a classic celebration of the human form. With 25 years experience forging exceptional artworks of exceptional characters (like you) Chris is a Master artist but maintains he is “nothing more than a student”. 


You may (or may not) be quaking in your boots as you contemplate going beyond the comfort zone on your discovery of inner truth and beauty?  Either way rest assured as Silver Shadow is tried and trusted. With a 5 star average Google rating you are in safe hands. Contact the studio to discuss your artistic direction and then sit back, relax and let us create your bespoke masterpiece.


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With a 5 star average Google review rating, they can’t all be wrong.

Crying Tears of joy I finally realised I am beautiful

This changed my life in so many beautiful ways

Powerful. So powerful I booked my 22y/o daughter in after my epic experience.

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Silver Shadow Boudoir Art Nude Photography Sydney Australia and YOU!

You will establish, that Silver Shadow Boudoir Art Nude photography Sydney is not your typical portrait studio. The profound artworks that we create have also previously been recognized by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP), to be outstanding. Chris’ work has been awarded many silver and a coveted gold award.

What, why and when’ of Silver Shadow Boudoir Nude Photography Sydney.

What: Creative, classy and artistic Fine Art nude & Boudoir photography at our Sydney Studio. This includes: black and white art nude nude photographs, sensual art nude, intimate couples photography, artistic nude, boudoir nude, boudoir art nude and glamour boudoir lingerie, glamour, fashion art nude and erotic nude photography among-st others. Ultimately, a Silver Shadow boudoir Nude is a photographic artwork celebrating the profundity of the human form. Some call it art nude photography, hot sexy and sensual artistic nudes images, or shadow nude artworks. Others define it as refined boudoir photography.

Why:  Why wouldn’t you is, perhaps, the question you should be asking. A boudoir makeover photo shoot or a creative nude portrait session is a must and very liberating. The nude photos are classy and tasteful. Europeans have studied, painted, sculpted and etched the female form since time immemorial. Ultimately celebrating the human form for millennia. Micheal Angelo, Da Vinci, Matisse, Picasso to name a few have all imagined, depicted and celebrated the classic art nude genre. Studio Silver Shadow Boudoir Art Nude Photography is no different in perusing the infinite and subtle beauty of the human form. Intimate and seductive. Romantically sexy and artistic nude portraits

Who: A diverse range of people with no one particular occupation, ethnicity  body shape or height, from 18 to 65 years young. Television presenters, Barristers, Teachers, Lawyers, Psychologists, couriers, secretaries  police persons, aviation engineers, robotics engineers, students, Harvard Graduate University Lecturers etc etc. All art appreciating creative souls.

From Where: A philosophical question or is it geographical. Let’s stick to the regions. We have people traveling from inter city, interstate and international destinations. Newcastle Boudoir Photography session people. Art Nude Canberra photography- ites. Discerning Wollongong Boudoir photo connoisseurs and Central Coast Creative Nude photographer addicts. All want an amazing experience and creative artwork photographs from which ever portrait photography session they choose. The boudoir, art nude or beauty photo session is an exciting experience and definitely worth the travel.

Where is Silver Shadow Art-Nude Boudoir Photography Sydney?

Silver Shadow boudoir artistic nude photography is located at 51 Ramsay Street Haberfield NSW, 0297985627 the Italian precinct of Sydney, Australia. Haberfield is in the inner west of Sydney, which is less than 10mins from the centre of Sydney. However, if you were a crow and flying, you would be perched on our studio door in under 5mins having flown about 6.5kms from the Sydney city centre, give or take a bit of turbulence here or there. Silver Shadow Boudoir Art Nude photographer is approximately 10 to 15 minutes from Parramatta, Wentworthville, North Sydney, Chatswood, Burwood, Randwick, Kensington and Bondi suburbs of Sydney. We are very close to the Sydney suburbs of Hunters Hill, Five dock, Burwood, Leichhardt, Stanmore, Lewisham, Summer Hill, Croyden, Camperdown, Glebe, Annandale, Balmain and Drummoyne. We are a short car trip from Mosman, Neutral bay, Cremorne, Northbridge, Northern Beaches, Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Double Bay, Point Piper, Bondi, Coogee, Tamarama, Cammeray and Manly. We are a couple of hours from Newcastle and Canberra and 1 hour from the Central Coast. Bathurst and Katoomba are not far away either. Castle Hill, Kellyville and Dural are approximately 35 minutes away. International clients from all corners of the globe also choose to use our photographic expertise. They are drawn to our photography style which embraces the beauty of the feminine form through sensual nude photography. Haberfield is approximately 15 minutes from Sydney international airport. Jet in and make a long weekend of your ascent into the fine art nude sphere. Newcastle, Canberra and Wollongong are also very close. Our interstate clients (including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Cairnes) often book a Friday Art Nude Photo session (usually as a sexy romantic anniversary present to each other) and then have the weekend to see the sights of Sydney.

The Classic creative artistic Nude Genre vs Boudoir Art Nude photography

Silver Shadow boudoir creative art nude photography, Sydney, is the name synonymous for boudoir and sensual nude photography in Australia. Creative photography with artistic integrity. Our boudoir and art nude portraits are intimate, feminine, classy and tasteful. Stylish and arty and always with splendor. It captures the allure of femininity, the seduction of the female form and, more importantly, an indescribable inner truth and beauty seldom portrayed. YOU! Chris is inspired by the European and French classics which is reflected in his classic black and white art nude photography and his modern and seductive boudoir colour nude images. A boudoir Artistic nude is a powerful way to immortalize your creative self into an artwork masterpiece. Chris also draws inspiration and influence from the European masters of nude portrait painting, nude sculpture and any other medium where fine art nude is carefully and respectfully created.

Where do our clients exhibit their seductive nude artworks or boudoir photographs?
We believe a Silver Shadow Sydney boudoir nude artwork can be exhibited in many locations. The boudoir or as an artwork for living areas. Many clients opt form a combination of a private album where discretion is required and impressive artwork canvas’s. Other clients (our loud and proud brigade) are into celebrating the beauty of their exquisite boudoir nude artwork and choose to proudly adorn the walls of their boudoir with their seductive image masterpieces.

Boudoir Photography, Glamour Nude Photo, Lingerie images and the Classic Classy Art Nude?

Lingerie, glamour and boudoir photography styles can be included to supplement our signature art nude style. You are more than welcome to call and unload your imagination upon us. When we create stunning boudoir or a glamour photograph artwork, it will probably be classic and minimal with more emphasis placed on a seductive glance, the intensity of your eyes and the capturing of your inner beauty, over and above an unrelated prop or set. The same applies for our lingerie photographs. Our lingerie photography and boudoir images can compliment the sensual feminine nudes we will create of you. Drop in to our Sydney studio and have a look around. Compare the seductive and sensual power of a sophisticated black and white art nude photograph to that of these other styles and you may find our nude artworks to be more powerful than a traditional boudoir and boudoir lingerie image. We think you are beautiful without any adornment. Please call our Sydney studio to commission your artwork or to discuss any special requirements.

‘Erotic’ Photography?

A big word and one often misjudged. It tends to be associated with grubby, gratuitous perspectives in Australia. Research and experience has lead us to embrace the European view of Erotic photography. This embraces femininity, sexuality and ultimately seduction. Sophisticated and sassy, you will see that a Silver Shadow Sydney boudoir and boudoir art nude photograph will never be gratuitous or disrespectful. The erotic portraits we capture are sensual and tasteful. Chris champions sensuality of fine art nude photography which can be erotic by nature. All the erotic stuff occurs in the mind of the viewer, not within the image. Peruse the boudoir and art nude photography galleries and you may find our nude photographs to be stunning, others to be simple and sophisticated. The nude artworks are often neutral and non revealing. It is from the personal perspective – within the mind of the viewer – where processes, prejudices and opinions can distort the neutrality of the art nude genre. The disparity between class and crass is easily discernible.

Romantic and Intimate Couples Nude Photography for the Boudoir
The ultimate, creative romantic and intimate gift. Bridal Boudoir photography is becoming increasingly popular and a perfect way to seduce your partner with a sexy romantic nude or lingerie fashion boudoir photographic session. Please peruse the boudoir galleries and art nude images, where you will find examples of our intimate couples photographs. These mesmerizing images capture that profound connection that unites us. An intense connection captured in a tender embrace. Sensual couples nude photographs envelope the one human emotion we are all hard wired to cherish. Love. Check it out for yourself. Take the adventure into a Silver Shadow Boudoir Artistic Nude Photography and experience an Intimate couples photo session to capture your passionate connection. An inspiring journey. A journey many take fro interstate, to experience. Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth residents will often make the pilgrimage to acquire their own unique artwork masterpieces.

The Boudoir and Art Nude Photography Session
As you approach the boudoir art nude photography session day you may find your anticipation levels heightening. Rest assured, our passion and commitment for creating intense Boudoir artwork images will quickly dilute any anxiousness you may have on the day. One or combinations of all styles – Boudoir, Boudoir Art Nude or just Art Nude, can be pursued on the day. Most leave the creatives up to us, however if you have any special requests we will happily consider. The boudoir and art nude session is often described by our clients as ‘profound’, ‘liberating’ and ‘a once in a life time experience”.

We have found this to be a profoundly liberating time of creation for most if not all of our clientele. Clients can arrive at the studio anxious, apprehensive and or some form of sheer terror. Perhaps normal when considered. The fascinating aspect is watching this quickly evaporate as we ascend into the artistic fine art sphere. “Liberating and adventurous”. “A, journey of discovery”. “Amazing”. Powerful comments as they consider their discovery of inner truth and beauty.

The choice is always yours, when you venture into a artistic Silver Shadow fine art nude photography session. Combinations of styles can be chosen. Some sassy others sexy. Abstract or erotic photography? Identifiable or unidentifiable. Any boudoir art nude photograph is the perfect way to celebrate the discovery of your inner truth and beauty. Every Silver Shadow artistic nude and boudoir art nude is a photographic masterpiece celebrating the infinite subtlety and beauty of the nude human form.

A modern Boudoir Colour Art Nude photograph or a classic and timeless Black and white (B&W) Nude?
Worry not. We capture in RAW format (technical stuff) which permits our team of Digital Dudes (more technical stuff) to develop and polish (even more technical stuff) the images into nude masterpieces of photographic art. Either a classic Black and white boudoir nude or a contrasty high impact colour nude artwork. The phenomenal sensuality of a Silver Shadow Boudoir and Art Nude image is without doubt timelessly classic. Revere your feminine form as a classic French chaise lounge reclining nude in black and white. Or be creative and celebrate the passion of your femininity with a modern yet minimal colour nude. The choice is yours.

Boudoir photography, Pin Up photographer, boudoir lingerie and vintage images?
Which one? Which one indeed! Boudoir images tend to be softer but can be sexy. Pinup photographs hark back to the genteel times of the fifties. Stripes and circular life savers amongst other props add to the images created. Vintage photography is another current trend along boudoir lines. If you look back across the epochs to find revered iconic photographers there does not tend to be any boudoir or pinup photographers within the ranks. Those that have stood the test of time, like Helmut Newton and Kim Weston, amongst others, have captured the pure art nude genre only. The simplicity of a creative, sophisticated art nude photograph will always stand the test of time.

Boudoir photographs or artworks for the boudoir. Sensual couples images that capture the phenomenal connection of two people or the shape a mandible emerging from the shadows with hints of rippling ribs and silky clavicles. One thing is assured, when you commission Chris from silver shadow boudoir art nude photography, you will have a profound experience where compelling artworks are created. Exhibit your images in the boudoir or in the lounge room. boutique Boudoir photography as a gift or for that special milestone. Turning 30, 40 or maybe even 50? We have been commissioned by art appreciating souls in their mid sixties, adorned in customised latex no less. We say why wouldn’t you.

The variables are endless. The results are guaranteed. Silver Shadow boudoir photography Sydney is the Boudoir boutique fine art photographic studio where nude photographic masterpieces are created. The ultimate Fine Art Nude. Commission your sensual artistic nude photograph artwork, with Silver Shadow Sydney, now!


Sydney artistic nude photography

Give an exceptional gift of love.  A Sydney Boudoir photo session or creative, artistic Nude photograph or Beauty photo session package is an exceptional experience. Surprise your loved one or yourself  with the certificate and we will do the rest, ensuring it becomes a once in a life time experience. Let’s not forget the artwork image. A classic photograph to exhibit on your walls and enthrall and seduce all whom you permit to view. WOW I want a boudoir image… Wait, maybe an alluring and timeless beauty photograph… Hang on a minute, I think I will go for the exceptional power of an art nude liberating experience NOW! Why not go for a combination of them all. Head on to our specials page to receive. All the photography options are there From liberating artistic nude studio experience, to shadow Black and white beauty artworks and modern sassy colour boudoir photographs.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Sydney Art Nude photography Australia is an extraordinary way to celebrate a milestone, anniversary or as a bridal gift. Those whom appreciate luxurious, pampering and quality will love our bridal boudoir photo package. Boudoir and art nude photography can be given from the bridesmaids as a wedding gift. Or it can also be as a beautiful gift for yourself. Indulge in a combination of the boudoir, beauty or art nude photo styles. Boudoir photography images or the classic and splendor of an nude artwork, created by will be an empowering experience with compelling artworks

Boudoir Photography Sydney

Bring along a variety of fave things to your Sydney Boudoir Artistic Nude Photography shoot. Lingerie, heels and an accessory or two, preferably colour coded, will ensure that WOW image. The can opt for combination of image styles. Just give us a call 9798 5627 and we can discuss the who (you) what (Boudoir, art nude or beauty photography) and where (BoudoirNude Haberfield of course). Yes you can even bring the playboy (your partner, or a lucky random), as the artistic director… (is that a good idea? Prob not as he is a mischief maker after all)

Romantic Sydney Photography

Rediscover the romance and intimacy with a lasting and meaningful boudoir or art nude photography gift. Perfect for anniversaries or milestones. The style can be sexy, evocative, sensual and creatively artistic. Beauty shines from within at every Boudoir Art Nude photography session. Our rustic studio is minutes from the inner Sydney city. The shower scene, the vintage, French inspired window and the warm toned textured floor boards will capture the imagination. Only 5-10 minutes from the Sydney CBD it is the perfect destination for our internationals and a must do thing in Sydney. Be it the power of an art nude the femininity of a Lacey lingerie boudoir photograph artwork image.