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We are glad you made it. Chris, aka Silver Shadow, has been trusted by a diverse range of exceptional souls, just like you, to create their classy nude photography. With over thirty years of experience and thousands of five star reviews Silver Shadow is tried, trusted and comes highly recommended.  So if you are thinking of a raw powered launch, beyond the comfort zone, into the artistic sphere and self empowerment then you have come to the right studio. You are in very safe hands.

Highly recommended. If I could give 6 stars I would



★★★★★ Jessica
Artistic Nude Photographer

Captured & Liberated

Fortune really does favour the brave and those who are brave enough to venture in, commonly describe their experience to be an extraordinary journey. Usually from sheer terror (unless you are Swedish) through to profound empowerment, encapsulated in the Silver Shadow philosophy “Captured and Liberated”.

Every woman should do this!

★★★★★ Lindsey
Classy Nude Photographer

There really is

nothing else like it

This is no ordinary experience and Chris is no ordinary photographer. It may be a present for someone special and that someone special may just be you. Either way you are in for something very special, if all our previous artistic muses ravings are anything to go by. A profound experience that may rock your soul and some incredibly compelling artwork photography. Now what’s not to like about that?

This is no ordinary experience and Chris is no ordinary photographer

★★★★★ Sarah

Wow. Wow. WOW! Incredibly empowering and absolutely stunning. Beyond compare!

★★★★★ Angela

Ready? The best way to get you going is, well, to get you going.  And it’s very easy! Everything you need is included.





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Beyond the Comfort Zone


Inner Truth & Beauty


Captured & Liberated


Chris has had the privilege of being trusted by a diverse range of art appreciating souls, just like you, from all corners of the globe. Although you may enter the studio in a mild state of terror, you will probably exit, if all the previous Silver Shadow clients are anything to go by, on a self empowered artistic high. But don’t take our word for it. Below are some of the 5 star reviews. Click the 1st one, if you wish to know exactly how powerful this can be. It’s an email just in and, well, it’s a cracker and typical of most we receive.

Hi Chris

I had such an amazing time with you today!
It was so amazing I completely and utterly lost track of time…
Your initial email mentioned 2 hours photo + 1/2 hour download + 2 hour review. Well… we SO did not stick to that plan, did we now?!?!?!
My excuse for not keeping track of time is that I was naked most of the time and brain not in gear. What’s yours??? HaHa!
On a serious note, I did not expect that much amazingness, not even half of it to be honest… credit to you!
I LOVED EVERY F*CKING MOMENT OF THIS PHOTO SHOOT! I cannot say it any other way, forgive me.
Thank you for taking the time, for making it happen as it unfolded. I am truly grateful as it was indeed very empowering, profound and truly exhilarating!
And I dare say you have a tiny idea of how impacting this was for me, the full feeling resides within me and will trickle down through every single cell for some time to come, which is exactly how I would want it to seep through. My adrenaline is still pumping and that is purely because I gave myself permission to love me and it took me a few years to have that photographed… again, credit goes to you for allowing me to be me, silly, laughing, serious and everything in between (all the while stark naked, yes!).
This new man in my life, is beside himself with the proof you sent… YAY!  Beside him, you’re the only man who has seen me naked in 5 years…. OMG, did I just admit that?? I can only smile at that silly yet beautiful fact :) and I know you’d see the humour in that :) I’m glad it turned out this way, trust me!
He would like his favourite in life-size format on canvas please… I told him to calm down! lol
My sister is still gobsmacked since I showed her this proof…. totally in love with the image and amazed it was not photoshopped (the audacity, seriously only sisters can be this cruel :))
I simply told her she should go for it when she’s ready. I’ve planted a seed, Chris, and I hope she may one day take herself up on it…
Finally, should you require a testimonial, give me some time as I need to come down from my “Mount Everest” before oxygen reaches my brain again for me to write something slightly coherent that other ‘innocent’ souls would buy into…!
thank you from my (naked) heart
54 years young




Being on the chunky side, the idea of posing nude was daunting. The angles, poses and lighting turned regular photos into works of art. 
Awesome photo shoot, Chris has a way of making you feel very comfortable. OMG my photos are mesmerising. #BOOM. lol. 
I loved my photo shoot. Elegant, liberating and empowering. So much so I was moved to tears when I saw the pictures. Chris is an exceptional photographer who made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommend.
If I could give 6 stars I would 

Inner Truth & Beauty


Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and artistic expression? Chris, also known as Silver Shadow, is a seasoned artistic nude photographer with over thirty years of experience. Trusted by thousands of clients, Chris has earned countless five-star reviews from those who have dared to step out of their comfort zone and into his studio.

Why Choose Silver Shadow?

  • Experience and Expertise: With a career spanning three decades, Chris has honed his craft to perfection, creating stunning, classy nude photography that celebrates the human form in all its diversity.
  • Trusted by Thousands: Join the ranks of exceptional individuals who have trusted Silver Shadow with their most intimate and empowering moments. Thousands of five-star reviews attest to the profound impact of his work.
  • A Safe and Supportive Environment: Chris’s studio is a sanctuary where you can feel completely at ease. He guides you through the process with care and professionalism, ensuring you are in very safe hands.

The Silver Shadow Philosophy: Captured and Liberated

At Silver Shadow Photography, we believe in the transformative power of art. Our philosophy, “Captured and Liberated,” reflects the journey from initial apprehension to profound empowerment. Many clients describe their experience as life-changing, moving from sheer terror (unless you’re Swedish) to a deep sense of liberation.

An Experience Like No Other

This is not just a photo shoot; it’s a profound experience that can rock your soul. Whether it’s a gift for someone special or a celebration of yourself, Silver Shadow Photography offers something truly unique. The compelling artwork created in our sessions stands as a testament to the beauty and strength within each individual.

What’s Not to Like?

  • Empowerment: Feel the raw power of stepping beyond your limits and embracing your true self.
  • Artistic Excellence: Walk away with incredibly compelling photographic artwork.
  • Personalized Experience: Every session is tailored to reflect your unique essence and style.

Join the Rave Reviews

Our previous artistic muses can’t stop raving about their extraordinary journeys with Silver Shadow. Experience for yourself why so many describe it as an unforgettable and empowering adventure.

Ready to Begin?

Fortune favors the brave, and those who choose Silver Shadow Photography find themselves rewarded with more than just beautiful images. They discover a new perspective on themselves, captured in a work of art that liberates the soul.

Contact us today to schedule your session and start your journey with Silver Shadow Photography. You’re in for something very special.