Captured and Liberated.  The philosophy propelling Studio Silver Shadow is simple yet sophisticated. There are many reasons to venture into the studio to forge an artwork. And there are many questions. All of these vary from person to person. The one concept we can confirm, without a single exception, is the ascent into the fine art nude creative sphere is a profoundly positive experience. The discovery of inner truth and beauty if a profound revelation only discovered by the adventurous.


But your friends think you are crazy? We don’t and believe they wouldn’t, if they only with-held judgement and reviewed our classic style


Fortune favors the brave with a bucket-list experience and masterpiece artworks of you!


Illuminate your inner truth and beauty. Call, email or send a raven to discuss your artistic direction.



UPDATE: Unfortunately we no long accept goats as a form or payment (the rear of the studio was recently concreted)

But thanks for asking and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Credit cards, gold bullion and cash.


Print prices start from $195 for a 5×7″ photograph and range up to $19,995 for impressive, canvas instillations.  We print on numerous mediums including canvas, photographic paper and fine art cotton rag media.

Portrait boxes are also very popular as are our custom designed, hand made, leather heir loom albums. These are an impressive way to exhibit your selection of stunning images and start from $9995.


It is very simple for the Silver Shadow Team. We consider it a privilege to be invited to create a unique personal artwork. How much you choose to invest, depends on the value you place on unique artwork masterpieces.

We do not have a ‘shot list’ formula approach. We make it personal, creating unique artworks which reflect and capture you (and or you and your partner as couples are welcome). We understand you have invited us into a very private, personal space. As such we are going to do our very best. To create these stunning artwork image, the art session takes between 1-2 hours.

Perhaps the most profound experience occurs when viewing your images, immediately after the session.
Add another 1-2 hours to select from 50 to 100 highly desirable and compelling images.

Your investment now represents a 4-5 hour unparalleled experience which can be cherished forever.


The X-Factor. A privately chartered helicopter for a scenic flight over the magnificent Sydney Harbor and then on to a secluded landscape destination for a secluded fine art session can easily be defined as a once in a life time experience.

Relax and indulge in a premium apéritif as we review the flight plan of your privately chartered chopper. A breathtaking sweep over Sydney Harbor, then altering course to your chosen secluded destination. Select from the rolling simplicity of sand dunes north of Newcastle, the dramatic coastlines and deserted beaches to the south of Sydney or the sheer magnificence of one of the hidden valleys of the Blue Mountains region.

Touch down upon Terra Firm to become one with the majesty of the secluded location as the artistic nude photo session commences. Elevate into the sphere of nude fine art as we capture many inspiring images. You may wish to celebrate the experience with a bottle of premium French Champagne or a select Australian wine included in Platinum.

Ascending towards the heavens, the return flight to Sydney will, once again, mesmerise as the kaleidoscope of landscapes float by lazily underneath. The final chapter is an afternoon viewing session at the Silver Shadow Studio. It is hard to convey the impact the Art Work images will have. Most if not all will invest in a selection of favourites in addition to your included enlargement. Indulge and tick the “Once in a life-time experience” box. Contact us for pricing.


The images we exhibit are from our ‘loud and proud crowd’. From time to time there are threats of physical harm if we do not use their images on our site, such is their newfound enthusiasm. We get a little nervous but nonetheless admire this form of passion. Although we are often directed to use their images which depict recognisable faces, we seldom do for their long term privacy. We understand all your apprehensions and allow you to lock down your images by opting for a NO USE OF IMAGE. It is that easy


Yes. This is a very common occurrence and easily remedied.
The breathing mechanism is your friend.
As the day approaches you may find your anticipation levels heightening. It is not un-common for clients arrive at the studio in a state of mild terror (unless you are Swedish – they have been known to arrive in their birthday suit. We love European enthusiasm). These same terrified souls leave the studio liberated and self empowered and transformed by the profound discovery of inner truth and beauty. Big words? Powerful concept? The thing is, elevating (unfortunately, we do not have an elevator in the building) into the fine art sphere combined with our passion to create intense artworks quickly dilutes any anxiety.


The collection of artwork images within the Studio Silver Shadow galleries are every-day, art appreciating souls from all walks of life. Perhaps, just like yourself? Professors, surgeons, couriers, secretaries, university students, criminologists, police officers, lawyers, robotics engineers, wives, mums & dads, television presenters, School Head Mistresses, CEO’s and directors of public companies, among others. They have instructed us to exhibit some of their images. Others, however, also choose not to permit the display of any boudoir or art nude images. All of these discerning individuals, from Australia and around the globe, have trusted us to create their personal artworks and we have been respecting their wishes and protecting their identities for the past 20 years from our boutique Sydney studio. Should you wish to commission an artwork, please take advantage of the current specials or call to discuss your specific artistic direction.

Lingerie  Boudoir Nude  PHOTOGRAPHY

Boudoir Lingerie or Nude photography ? There are many different styles of fantastic photography from which to choose. Sexy Lingerie photography is often sensual, private and can even be provocatively erotic.


Stunning, sexy and sophisticated, your sexy romantic art nude couples sessions capture the imagination. The mercury is rising as you enter a world of seduction and shades of grey. A sensual embrace and a sexy stance, capture the raw energy that defines your love. Adult photography in an artistic and stylish way will tantilise and titillate.


The sensual intimacy and romantic nature of a Sydney art nude or boudoir photograph is the allure and seduction. It is not tacky or with unrelated props and sets. Just pure love and connection. Artistic souls from Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide come to Silver Shadow specifically as they like the alternative yet classicly timeless style.

It can be raunchy, it can be sexy and it can be also be erotic,  BUT it won’t be grubby or gratuitous. Boudoir Art Nude Photography Sydney, will cater to most requests but some we politely decline. The most stunning images are those that empower and seduce not those that reveal all. If fact the majority of images captured can be exhibited on the lounge room wall as classic art. Why? Great question, because the images often have little to no ‘zones’. Just tasteful, timeless works of photographic art.

Art Nude Photo Studio Sydney

Black and White Nude Photography is often defined as Fine Art Nude. At Studio Silver Shadow  you will see many compelling artworks classic and timeless in nature. Boudoir images or Artistic Nude photographs? Perhaps it may be a simple timeless beauty photograph. Fashion art nudes are also becoming popular.  A favorite outfit for sensual glamour images or step outside your comfort zone in your fav sexy lingerie or bedroom outfits. OUTRAGEOUS! I could not do that! Of course you can. Fine art nude is a profound avenue where stunning black and white photograph artworks are created. Compelling and alluring. Call us now 9798 5627

Lingerie Boudoir Photography Melbourne

Why would you? Well why wouldn’t you! Jump on a Melbourne jet. Pop in a Sydney cab and before you know it you will be in your birthday suit creating exceptional art nude masterpieces. If that is too far out of the comfort zone then perhaps a textured rope, used to juxtapose against the human form, can also be used to life line you back into your comfort zone. There are many image options including Boudoir and lingerie as well as beauty photography.  The adventure of an out of the comfort zone experience is  a profound revelation. It also comes with considerable reward. Compelling photographic artworks. Our boutique boudoir and art nude rustic studio is in Haberfield, near the inner Sydney city and awaiting the presence of the muse (you!).

Sydney Boudoir Photography

Studio Silver Shadow is inspired by the very best artistic portrait masters from today and yesteryear. As the number one art nude photography studio in Australia we have clients flying in from all over including: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Why wouldn’t you gift a very special anniversary present to the wife (or husband). A weekend interlude getaway. A seductive photography dalliance . An exciting very special intimate present for that special someone.